Skream – Anticipate (single review)

Skream seems to divide opinion more than most in the world of dubstep. As one of the scenes originators he help craft dubstep to become the world dominating musical force it is now but many of his original fans seem to have become annoyed with the more accessible music he has written as of late.

His latest release, Anticipate, is sure to further divide his fans. The song was written to celebrate his first child’s arrival into the world and as such it has some very personal lyrics. The song talks about “letting the fool in me go” and his vows to be a good father and provider strike home at much more personal level than previous productions.

The song itself is the perfect example of why Skream has divided opinion, the bass line and drums are reminiscent of some of his best work, they carry the song really well but for the most part his critics will disregard any positives. The presence of vocoder styled vocals from the ever impressive Sam Frank and trance style synth builds will be all that most critics of the song will be able to hear.

Skream himself as spoken on several occasions for the need to innovate in music, to explore new ground with his creativity and at his dismay that people only want him to produce one type of song.

For our part we fully enjoy this tune. All elements of the song work really well and Sam Frank again shows what an incredible talent he is in his own right (We expect to hear much more from him quite soon).

Remixes from Cassius and Netsky explore equally divisive ground. Cassius brings a new style with this remix, a 140 roller that owes more to French house than it does to dubstep.

The Netsky remix is a simple reworking of the original that brings nothing new and could really have been simply done without but the commercial necessities of having as many possible genres covered in a remix must have dictated its inclusion.

With Skream’s sound evolving so much between releases we can be sure that we will see more resentment from die hard purists, but so long as the productions are the same quality as Anticipate then we can be sure we are in good hands.


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