Yesterday, Puff Daddy’s youngest son Christian “King” Combs dropped “All Eyez On C”, his take on 2Pac’s classic track. While he did manage to capture some of the 90s West Coast vibes it was difficult not to hum Pac’s original lyrics while listening to it. The visuals attached to the song were trying to showcase the style and fashion of the 90s but it felt awkwardly forced with modern surroundings and Comb’s young face. Dancing heavily featured in the video looked like a wierd fusion between 90s and modern dance moves created by mumble rappers trying to go viral. That said, King Comb’s enthusiasm, flow and delivery left a positive impression and set moderately high expectations for his upcoming project which dropped earlier today.

20-year-old Combs’ debut mixtape titled ’90’s Baby’, is paying homage to an era in which he was born. ’90’s Baby’ consists of 12 tracks and features artists such as Chris Brown, RJ, Puff Daddy and members of Christian’s CYN crew. As whole the mixtape is really well produced and consistent, giving recognition to both East Coast and West Coast while keeping Bad Boy Records’ legacy in spotlight. Because of its nature ’90’s Baby’ isn’t innovative by any means but that’s fine. It has a clearly set goal which it succesfully accomplishes with each track being a nice throwback to times when rappers were actually rapping and trap music didn’t exist. If that sounds like your thing you should definitely check it out down below.

90’s Baby Tracklist
• Track 1 – “Shiznit” featuring CYNkaica$h & RJ
• Track 2 – “Bad Boy Back”
• Track 3 – “Still Good” featuring SnL
• Track 4 – “No Way Out”
• Track 5 – “Smoove Shit” featuring CYNshaq, CYNtrey & CYNneek
• Track 6 – “Bad Girl” featuring CYNtrey
• Track 7 – “All Eyez on C”
• Track 8 – “Señorita” featuring Puff Daddy
• Track 9 – “Debarge Shit”
• Track 10 – “Aint Nothin” featuring CYNtrey, CYNkaica$h & CYNshaq
• Track 11 – “Do That” featuring SnL
• Track 12 – “Not Like Me”



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