We all know the German firm Hugo Boss for being innovative. They have now announced that the men’s up and coming shoes will be fully vegan, betting on sustainability and supporting new alternatives in materials that respect the planet. This last collection has marked the detail in the material, manufacture and transport of the shoe.
Hugo Boss has created a shoe model with a simple design, and no flashy detail, they remain classy and simplistic, the main component is Piñatex pineapple fiber.

This Piñatex fiber is a natural material that is obtained from pineapple leaves. It is presented as one of the best alternatives to the traditional leather that is used in the manufacture of shoes of the same style and design. Obtaining the pineapple leaves and their subsequent treatment to transform it into fiber is the responsibility of the company Ananas Anam.

Hugo Boss, also, incorporates other types of components in the development of this new shoe; the production eliminates the plastic material usage and incorporates the recycled TPU. This new model comes in four different colors, obtaining different shades is not chemical, on the contrary, these dyes are also natural and come from plant bases. With all this we can say that we are in front of a completely vegan shoe.

But Hugo Boss not only cares about the materials from which his new footwear is made, but the company also put emphasis on the presentation, creating a fully recyclable box and accessories which come with the shoes.

A sustainability initiative sets a precedent in the new fashion more friendly to the environment.

The new collection will be available in selected stores around the world, as well as in its online store.



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