The Fondazione Merz, presents the first major exhibition in an Italian museum with Fatma Bucak’s “So as to find the strength to see” on view at the the Fondazione Merz in Turin, Italy, through Saturday, May 20. The solo exhibition, curated by Lisa Parola and Maria Centonze and presented in collaboration with the Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte, is the artist’s first major museum survey in the country.

The unpublished exhibition project consists of photography, sound, video, performances and sculptural works, some of which made specifically for this occasion.

Born in 1984 in  Iskenderun, a small town in the south of Turkey, close to the border with Syria, Fatma Bucak works on issues such as political and gender identity, state violence, censorship, repression, expropriation, migration and religious mythology; her personal history and belonging to the Kurdish minority in Turkey helped to shape his poetics.

In the exhibition created for the Fondazione Merz, the artist brings together all the extremely evocative elements that make up her research by investigating through a sequence of images, sound references and actions, the duality of thought, the fragility, the tension and the reversibility of the History, the power of testimony and memory.

The artist realizes a path made up of works that become the voice of forgotten chronicles, narrations of unexpressed thoughts, reexamination of “individualities” excluded from history, of political or ethnic minorities, of socio-cultural structures in opposition to Power.


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