DJ Equipment for Beginners

Starting out looking to become a DJ can be pretty daunting on the fear of what damage it’s going to do on the pocket. Fear not we’re here to help you understand some of your buying decisions and hopefully get the perfect setup of DJ equipment for beginners!

The gear you will see in clubs is pretty daunting especially when you look at the price point for a pair of CDJ’s/Technics that’s even before we talk about the mixer!

The main thing you want to do as you start out is pick something lightweight that you can use at home for a bit of practice and see if it’s something you want to invest more time and money into.

Let’s start with some controllers.

DJ Controllers for Beginners

Numark Mixtrack Pro III €205/£164

The first product we can’t recommend enough is the Numark Mixtrack Pro III it is a robust controller with all the knobs and faders you need to start out. The full size metal platters are a lovely addition and can really make the beginner feel more comfortable when they get thrown in the deep into a set of CDJ’s.

On top of this it comes with a light version of Serato which in our experience is one of the best platforms out there for the digital DJ.

It contains 3 fx buttons for each side, a tempo adjuster, 3 cue buttons and gives you full control of audio levels bass,mid & treble.

If you haven’t got the spare cash for some headphones this will also take your standard 3.5mm headphone for the time being and when your ready for some DJ quality headphones you can move up to the 6mm jack. You can pick up your very own here

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Pioneer DDJ SR €549/£479

Have a little more in your pocket or looking for something that will hold for some serious control? Then look no further than the Pioneer DDJ SR. This controller comes with a full version of Serato included. So you can instantly knock 100 quid off the price making it all the more appealing. Pressure sensitive touch pads adjusting audio output by the amount of pressure, beautiful aluminium jog wheels and full control of the Serato software this kit can do everything.

Take it from us, the sound quality on this is flawless too. You will be hearing crisp fresh from the studio sounds on your mp3’s with next to nothing buffer times. This will get you right in the mix without delays.

The beauty of DJ Controllers is how easily transportable they are. If you want to take this or the Mixtrack Pro to a live gig wrap up your RCA cables and throw them into the clubs mixer you’re good to go! Need more info? Check out the amazon listing here


All-in-One Systems for Beginners

Numark Mixdeck Express £479/€630

With the Numark Mixdeck Express it gives full ability to perform your set with any form of media.

There are not many controllers out there which can boast this ability. The Mixdeck Express comes loaded with Serato DJ Intro, two CD decks, dual USB inputs, and finished off with a fully integrated three-channel mixer. This covers everything!

There’s a built in audio interface to ensure low latency and seamless integration with your computer. You have XLR outs, mic inputs and 1/4″ & 1/8″ headphone outputs. This is a go to if you want to standout from the crowd!

But don’t take our word for it find out all about the listing over here

Numark Mixdeck Express

Are we missing anything you think should be here? Any questions you want to ask? We’ve a huge range of DJ experience here at Subrewind. Let us know in the comments and one of our experts will get right back to you!

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