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We have to applaud whoever lives in this fuck-off astonishing space. People in there get to wake up in that superb bedroom, swan down those velvet-draped halls, cook dinner in one of the most amazing kitchens anyone has ever seen and when it all gets too much, kick back on the rooftop terrace and a little gardening with a gin and tonic in hand. Essentially this space transcends place and purpose as it could be a gallery or a museum in any of the major capital cities. Yet still, overlooking its grandeur, it’s entirely approachable and liveable, that’s where the magic lays. Peter’s house is a private residence located in Copenhagen, it was designed for renowned Danish photography Peter Krasilinikoff by the people at Studio David Thulstrup.

[Images courtesy of Studio David Thulstrup. Photography by Peter Krasilnikoff.]



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