Champion DJ – Rain Forest EP

It has been quite a year already for DJ Champion (or sometimes just Champion), with releases on Formula and Hardrive Records meaning 2011 has shaped up to be one of the young producers most productive years yet.

His latest release, The Rain Forest EP, is to be released on King of UK Funky Roska’s Kick And Snares label. We feel that this release, available as a digital download on the 5th of December, represents his best work to date.

The three track EP contains the eponymous “Rainforest” alongside dance floor rollers “Selecta” and the stand out track “War Dance”.

Each track is a journey into the syncopated beats of UK Funky. Kicks, snares and rim shots litter each track but its the musicality that drives this release.

Rainforest starts with a driving tribal drum pattern that invites listeners into the Rain Forests of the producers mind. Wildlife samples become part of the rhythm track as massive bass crushes through the beats all the while vocal stabs lets the listener know that we are listening to the Champion sounds (a habit picked up from label boss Roska Roska Roska?).

Selecta swings with some of the most interesting drum patterns since 2 step garage. The vocal sample drips with reverb and decay while the rumbling bass makes the most of the space between the irregular beats.

War Dance is the stand out track for us and the one you are most likely to hear if you are attending any of the growing number of nights playing UK funky in Dublin. Rumbling bass is accompanied by lazer stabs, vocals build and die as the beats drive ever forward.

Its certainly been a 2011 to remember for Champion and we look forward to some of his new productions in 2012.

MR020 – Champion – Rainforest EP – 5th Dec by RKSLTD



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