ACP002: Curious Monkey Coffee Co.

Coffee… Yes that stuff that John in the office never stops talking about.

He knows his single origin to his blended coffees (So he says)

He also knows why every coffee shop throughout Dublin loves benches out front.

Fear not! Listen in to ACP002 to find out what the bloody hell John is talking about.

We sat down with Carai McMahon co-owner of Curious Monkey Coffee Company in Dún Laoghaire.

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Curious Monkey Coffee Co.

Curious Monkey Coffee Co. has been open 9 months now and was instantly a fresh face to the Dún Laoghaire world of coffee. A town covered with coffee chain stores such as Costa, Insomnia and all three Starbucks (yes 3 of them). Carai McMahon and Evan Williams set out to provide something unique and different to the typical offering.

With coffee culture in Dublin booming and years of experience between them they set on the challenge to add to the coffee scene with their own twist.

Curious Monkey Coffee Co. carefully sourced their signature blends adapting to Irish palettes and became one of the first companies offering the ever growing in popularity cold brew coffees. While open less than a year their unique focus, hard work and passion has firmly plated them as a recognisable brand in Dublin and among coffee lovers. With future festival appearances expected this summer and ambitious plans for future growth Curious Monkey Coffee Co. are a shop to keep your eye on going forward into the future.

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Curious Monkey Coffee Co.

You can check out there Facebook here or why not pop into the store map below!