ACP001: Mens Hair Co.

Ever want to know about the ins and out of running a barbershop?

Want insights into how to set up shop without falling on your ass?

Fancy simulating a 45 minute haircut just listening to a barber?

Well this show’s got it.

We sat down with Jason Brophy, Director of Mens Hair Co. in Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin.

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About The Show

Alternative Culture is business and society facing podcast which sits down on a fortnightly basis with business owners and managers who have created organisations that required a bit of balls and a lot of hard work. You won’t find a person on here who isn’t truly passionate about the work they do. A desire for money hasn’t got these people to the levels their at. It’s their hard work determination and passion for what they’re doing sets them apart from the norm.

Mens Hair Co.

Alternative Culture Podcast Mens Hair Co.

Mens Hair Co. is open a little over a year and has been making big progress with the resurgence of demand in high quality custom hairstyles for men.

We discuss how Jason got into the industry in the first place. How he started out, the difficulties faced making it as a reputable barber and his journey from apprentice to confident stylist. Starting in a franchise shop and moving to New Zealand learning about some of the most traditional aspects of the trade.

On return from New Zealand it was time to set up shop. ACP looks into how Jason planned out the opening of his store and what some of the challenges he needed to consider along with crucial advice on what made him confident in his venture. Born and bred in Dún Laoghaire this is the location for Jason’s very first store.

From starting as a one man show we discover the talent that Jason has brought on board gathering some of the best talent in Dublin and his approach to apprenticeships in the modern day environment of barbers.

Finishing off with future plans for growth, learning from past experiences and his outlook on the future.

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Alternative Culture Podcast Mens Hair Co.

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