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Alté Star AYLØ talks to SR ahead of his ‘DNT’ DLT’ mixtape release

Nigeria just keeps on giving when it comes to artistic virtuosity, this time an up and coming artist AYLØ is due to release his ‘DNT’ DLT’ mixtape which is definitely going to shake the African dance floors, and it’ll reach other continents too, saying this with great confidence. AYLØ’s vibes are embedded alternative R&B, hip-hop and afropop, and although you can pick up on certain familiar elements the Seminal Nigerian artist is part of a new movement, titled alté, sound which will be become more familiar to more and more people as it emerges further from the underground.

JZ: Hey AYLØ, tell us about your background and where you grew up?  

AYLØ: I was born in Benin City Nigeria. lived there for about 8 years. Moved to Jos. Then back to Benin and ev eventually to Abuja when I was 10. Lived there ’til I was 17.  Went to a Jesuit High School, moved to Buffalo for College. Then to the UK in 2012 when I changed universities, moved back to Lagos in 2017.  So did my family because they moved to Botswana in 2013. My Dad’s a Doctor.

JZ: You charge inspiration from many R&B, hiphop, neo soul and afropop artists such as Whitney Houston, Sade, Herbie Hancock all in all fusing the innovative alté movement, what is alté about and how do you generally go about your production process?

AYLØ: I love sampling. Production always starts out like a game for me..So I’m looking for some sound or just something I can play with, Once I get that, I’m good!

JZ: Your single ‘Sassy’ is, and I quote “an ode to feminine sass”, you portray a woman almost as a concept idea, tell me about your artistic virtuosity revolving around the track. 

AYLØ: I just really love women. Can’t imagine what life would be without them. There literally is no life without Women. Therefore for me I see God in a form of a woman.

JZ: You talk about beauty and the track is called ‘Paris’, is this your personal observation and interpretation of the city?

AYLØ: I’ve never been to Paris, it’s the subject’s favoUrite city.  And she is a very beautiful woman, my experience with her the day I met her was beautiful.  So I imagine that’s this is what being in Paris feels like. Engulfed with all this beauty.

JZ: Tell us about your mixtape, ‘DNT’ DLT’, what does DLT signify, what is your favourite track from the mixtape and why? 

AYLØ: DNT’ DLT is about regaining confidence. About not deleting your existence, metaphorically and physically. My favourite song is ‘indo smkn‘, a lot of things, mojo and I spoke about on that song, stuff that made me want to delete.

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JZ: What’s your musical dream, is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

AYLØ: Top 6  right now , BurnaBoy, J Cole, Kendrick,  Iamddb,  Anderson Pakk,  Little Simz. Would Love to work on a lot of music with these guys. Whole TDE and Soulection Camp included.

JZ: Tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for SR, what inside the box?

From Chronixx, Sam Wise and Mura Masa, to Jorja Smith, IAMDDB, and J. Cole, to Tomi Thomas, Koffee and Burna Boy. It’s collection of songs I really like right now. They fit my mood this summer, especially in Lagos. I hope you like what you hear.

AYLØ’s ‘DNT DLT’ mixtape is dropping on the 1st of August.

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