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SR-Mag’s Top 5 Men’s Jeans 2019 Edition

SR-Mag’s Top 5 Men’s Jeans 2019 Edition

With fashion world scrambling all over Kanye West, millions of look-alikes are rocking the same ‘grungy’ type of jeans. We’ve had enough of washed-out ripped denim, and that’s why we’re presenting you with SR Mag’s Top 5 Men’s Jeans 2019 Edition.

In this guide, we will focus on high-quality jeans for men. While we’re not huge fans of current trends we also want to make sure that you don’t end up looking silly in the denim you purchase. That’s why none of the jeans on this list are what is commonly known as spray-on. We are aiming for that slim tapered cut that looks great without being uncomfortable and obnoxious.

Keep in mind that jeans on this list are not ordered from 1 to 5. You should make your choice according to your budget and personal preference.

A.P.C Petit New Standard

Atelier de Production et de Création is a French brand founded in 1987. It has established itself as one of the leading luxury clothing brands. Its jeans are made out of high-quality selvage Japanese denim, and Petit New Standard is one their most popular cuts. It features a mid-rise, tight leg and an inseam length of 33 inches. We recommend you take one size down on these to account for stretch factor. If you need more space in tights, take a look at A.P.C’s Petit Standard.

A.P.C’s indigo jeans are made of raw denim, which means that it’s untreated and will fade with time. Keep that in mind while choosing the wash.

Price: 160€

Acne Studios North Stay Black

Originally a creative consultancy, Acne Studio’s designs have become a hit in the world of fashion. The brand successfully takes inspiration from contemporary culture and turns it into tasteful clothing. Their North Stay Black jeans feature a slim cut from waist to leg, which makes them slightly looser than the A.P.C’s above. We recommend these even if you have larger tights. Just like with A.P.C you should take one size down to account for stretch factor.

If you’re a fan of raw denim Acne has you covered with North jeans, which feature exactly the same fit but will fade with time.

Price: 180€

Nudie Jeans Long John

While Nudie jeans is nowhere near as recognizable as some brands on their list but their jeans are popular among fashion enthusiasts, thanks to an amazing price to quality ratio. Their Long John cut is made out of raw organic cotton and weighs 11 oz. which makes it the lightest on this list. The fit is really tight throughout the whole length, so we recommend that people with larger tights avoid these and go for something slightly looser like Lean Dean or the Acne’s above.

Obligatory warning, all Nudie jeans are made out of raw denim so don’t consider these if that’s not your thing.

Price: 99€

Saint Laurent D02

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Saint Laurent is a brand that shouldn’t need an introduction. D02’s is YSL’s staple cut created by Hedi Slimane, slightly modernized by brand’s new creative director Anthony Vaccarello. D02’s have reputation for being the go-to jeans if you’re trying to achieve stacks. The 15cm hem opening allows for them to go over Chelsea or Wyat Boots without covering up the boot. Yes, the price tag is hefty, but these will serve you for many years.

Price: 350€

COS JeansCOS Slim Leg Jeans

COS is a contemporary fashion brand based around minimalist designs. Their Slim Leg Jeans are both good quality and affordable. Perfect for anyone looking for a well fitted pair of jeans for a reasonable price. The only bummer is that you can only get them in few colors such as black, grey and blue. While other brands might carry a variety of different blue washes, and white you won’t get those here but it’s not a huge issue if  you’re looking for something basic to wear on an everyday basis.

Price: 80€

Thanks for reading our Top 5 Men’s Jeans 2019 Edition, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in a comment section below!

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