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Nina Kraviz joins Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Nina Kraviz joins Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has appointed Nina Kraviz as the brand’s next collaboration between the fashion powerhouse and the DJ/producer. She is the first music talent appointed by the brand represented in Russia.

“As a longtime fan of Yves Saint Laurent with its rich heritage, I am very glad to work together with the Moscow team YSL Beauty and become the first musical talent of the brand in Russia”, said Nina.

“Nina has paved the way for a new generation of independent women and talented musicians on the world stage. When in 2017 Mixmag gave it the title of “DJ of the year”, she cemented her status in the global music community. Nina feels at home performing in the most unusual parts of the globe, from the Eiffel tower to the great wall of China or playing on underground parties. In her work she is in a deep and large-scale search for new and inspiring,” as per official statement from YSL.

Nina Kraviz will share her personal beauty advice on favourite products by YSL Beauty, telling followers about new releases recommendations.

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