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Hawaiian shirt: How to wear it like Leonardo DiCaprio in 2019

Hawaiian shirt: How to wear it like Leonardo DiCaprio in 2019

We all remember how sleek Leonardo DiCaprio looked wearing a hawaiian shirt in Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 movie “Romeo + Juliet”. For many years hawaiian shirt had a bad reputation being associated with sleazy old men wearing cargo pants and cat-calling waitresses in cheap burger joints. Fortunately, for the past couple seasons they’ve been fashionable again and we’re here to help you find one you’ll love.

Bad news is that the exact shirt Leo has worn is impossible to get but there’s plenty of great options on the market and you don’t have to spend an obscene amount of money to get a great looking one. A well-fitted shirt from Topman will be enough to make your outfit stand out. And remember even if your shirt was $500 it’s still not something you should wear in an official setting. Unless you’re a celebrity, that is.

Hawaiian shirt is a versatile piece than goes well with different types of pants: shorts, jeans, chinos and even well fitted suit pants. Usually, it’s the standout piece with rest out the outfit being toned but if you’re feeling confident you can wear it with some striped pants or colorful sneakers. Just remember – don’t overdo it.

Topman Orchid Revere Shirt

Price: 34

Topman shirt with a floral print is both affordable and versatile. Perfect for a hot day out and about. Unbutton the top, hop into a pair of beige chinos and espadrilles and you’ll feel both comfortable and look fashionable.

Valentino Short-Sleeve Hawaiian Landsacpe Shirt with Piping

Price: 590€

A stunning shirt from Valentino, for those who are willing to splurge some extra money for that premium quality. Perfect to throw on a t-shirt and wear with light shorts or a pair of blue jeans. It features a tiny VLTN logo which some might find unnecessary but if you’re one of those who like to show off their clothes in a subtle way, this one is for you.

Todd Snyder Short Sleeve Cotton Camp Collar Olive Palm Print Shirt

Price: 140€

Todd Snyder has released some amazing hawaiian shirts over the past couple season and we think this one is a great option for those who want an above average quality but aren’t willing to pay for a big brand name. It could be worn with tan and lightweight canvas sneakers.

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Shine Original Flamingo Resort Shirt

Price: 39,95€

An eye-catching dark shirt with flamingos will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Perfect for an evening out in a seaside bar. Wear it with some dark pants, a belt and some suede derby shoes.

Saint Laurent Crepe De Chine Sailing Boats Shirt

Price: 750€

This 100% silk Saint Laurent shirt will catch many gazes thanks to its toned marine motif with a delicate luster. Combine it with a pair of black or white denim underlined with a simple black belt and a pair of chelsea boots to make yourself look like a rockstar.

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