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Eddie Huang Travels To China To Explore His Heritage

Eddie Huang Travels To China To Explore His Heritage

Huang’s World is a genre-bending venture into the subculture of each country through a very thick lens of food. Eddie Huang explores cities around the world by going through their underground spots and seeking best and most culturally infused food. This season he began his ventures in China where he discover the most important dish of his life: Red Cooked Pork.

I honestly wish I could tell you when this season will air on youtube however for those lucky enough to live in America, Huang’s World is available on Vice, granted you have one of the required accounts.

  • Episode 8: China
  • Episode 7: Taiwan
  • Episode 6: Orlando
  • Episode 5: Istanbul
  • Episode 4: Burgundy
  • Episode 3: Borderlands
  • Episode 2: Sicily
  • Episode 1: Jamaica
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