Back in 2014, Italian brand Eataly has opened a franchised Nutella Bar, on New York’s 5th Avenue. Initially, many people thought it a gimmick but Eataly proved them wrong. Not even the high prices were able to scare people away from a place themed with their favorite hazelnut spread. Today, Nutella Bar is an undeniable success. Not only it has received a positive feedback from the locals, but it also made enough money to convince Nutella’s owned Ferrero USA, to open their own Nutella Cafe.

Nutella rep asked about who the Cafe differs from Eataly’s bar said: “So it’s the first to truly capture the essence of the Nutella brand—not just in the dishes that’ll be served, but in the full experience from the moment you step through the door and into space,”

In other words, there probably won’t be much difference between the two, other than the owner. Though we must say that Ferrero will have to try real hard to beat Eataly’s Nutella fountain.

Nutella Cafe will open on May 31 and will occupy two stories at 189 North Michigan Avenue. It will be filled with gelatos, crepes, waffles, toasted hazelnuts and a full-service bar serving Italian espresso among many other delicious attractions.

You can check out the full menu down below.

Nutella Cafe Menu by Daniela Galarza on Scribd


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