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IKEA bag for $2000 shows us how ridiculous trends are

IKEA bag for $2000 shows us how ridiculous trends are

Just a couple days ago pictures of a very expensive IKEA bag started popping up all over the internet. The difference between this new and the classic 0,99 FRAKTA bag? Well, this one was made by Balenciaga and it costs slightly over $2000. If you think we’re kidding, just take a look for yourself. There is no denying that similarity is striking. Could this be a coincidence? Sure. Do we think that is the case? No, definitely not.

Last year Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia was appointed as Balenciaga’s creative director. If you’re closely following fashion this should already light a bulb in your head. Gvasalia is mostly known for his work as a part of fashion collective called VETEMENTS, responsible for this beautiful $200 DHL T-Shirt. Yup, you’ve heard it right, a DHL T-shirt.

This isn’t the only time VETEMENTS designers were ‘inspired’ by something, and it’s slowly becoming a trend. Mr. Gvasalia’s work for Balenciaga seems to be proving that laziness is paying off, as long as you have brand or hype (preferably both) to back you up.

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Last year, we hoped that VETEMENTS is just a social experiment to prove how naive people are, but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case This trend is starting to spread all over the fashion world, and people are enthusiastically buying whatever designers from at them. The DHL T-shirt was a hit, and we have many reasons to suspect that this bag will also be one. It has spawned a wave of multiple DIY IKEA-inspired, and the craze is just getting bigger. Balenciaga’s IKEA Bag might not be a bestseller yet, but as soon as first celebrity is spotted wearing it, the heard will follow.

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