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Review: Gorillaz ‘Humanz’

Review: Gorillaz ‘Humanz’

Well, the demons day have come to pass. And now we are on the threshold of a new era, a new Gorillaz. They [The Gorillaz] recently released four new singles, apart of a new LP which could also be a signal for another full album. For now though, let’s just stay focus on the matter on hand, these four new songs. “Saturnz Barz,” “We Got the Power,” “Andromeda,” and finally “Ascension” and I mention “Ascension” last as by the end of this report you ascend to the internet and go discover this hopefully chart tops of Gorillaz’s next phase of music. //These songs basically are one large anthem and when separated are the four messages of said anthem. If you listened to them together they really could be one really, really, long song. But regardless these could be your new addiction, seeing as I literally replayed every song twenty times just to perfectly describe as much about them without ruining the mystery of finding a new song, or with out overselling the songs as everyone has their own taste.

“Saturnz Barz” initially caught off guard, as I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into. Provides a strong sense of what their new direction is, clearly having a message inside every song. I don’t want to give away what I took away from it as I’ve been in your shoes and what one person described a song, I took a totally different perspective so that’ll be for you to decide. The accompany video does give the vibe though of internal conflict as each member goes on a different trip, but also link back up with each other by the end so can also be trying to present a sense of loyalty amongst each other and the sense they are in this together. (I hope no-one just made a High School Musical joke).

“We Got the Power, yeah we got the beat… Oops wrong song… let me start over, the Gorillaz really wanted to pump up their audience with this one. As a strong sense of empowerment but I think it’s more ironic sense of “power.” The whole video is of traffic stopped along the highway completely backed up like LA at 5 o’clock. I believe it’s meant to be a parallel of “we the people” have no power; within a society that follows the rules forever. The forces above are so strong they can even cast a perfect illusion of them being afraid of our power.

Maybe the Gorillaz recognize this and are trying to signal us to the truth of it all, but we’re too ignorant or scared to see it for ourselves? Or I’m completely reading way to deep into this and just love a good conspiracy theory.

My fair, fair “Andromeda.” She definitely has a very Interesting vibration. You get a bit of a love story, especially from the name seeing as it is the name of the consolation of a chained woman but I think it’s supposed to be maybe false love or a flame to have a relationship? I get a elevator jazzy techno beat constant throughout the. This one’s a total love story, or at least focuses on the emotions of love as even the title, Andromeda, is named after a constellation that basically is about a woman who gets in trouble for loving another man and is chained to a rock. That in it self the point, love is dangerous and leads us all down a path we aren’t quite sure we will survive.

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Here’s the Ace in the hole, “Ascension.” This song will instantly stop every gathering just so everyone can guarantee it is the song they think it is. You stop and listen to this song when it starts. Just a great pump up song, for a pregame, The simplest description I could give this song is head banger because when this is on song all you want to do is jump up on your feet, swing your body around like a rag doll, and shake your head (and hair) like you just don’t care.

Well that about wraps up things up on my end, hope you all take at least one thing from this post; go listen to the Gorillaz’s new songs! They won’t be a let down to any one hoping to get into the band, die-heart fans, or simply people looking for a good new tune to jam out to. And if you listen to them and don’t like them… Well I mean that’s cool and all but go back and keep listening to them until you do.

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