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Why you shouldn’t buy Yeezys

Why you shouldn’t buy Yeezys

As you may have already heard, the 350 V2 are coming out in black/red and it will bring another wave of children and undeveloped adults to come out and camp for a pair, meanwhile some will be tinkering on their latest bot which will enhance their chances of an expeditious check out on the Adidas website. There’s no ceasing to any soi-disant ‘hypebeast’ desperate to get his hands on the latest pair of sneakers, currently retailing at $220 per pair. Kanye West has conspired to play with the minds of people. Love him or hate him, he’s is believed to be an evolving idea, a man who moves with time, and moves time forward with his fashion taste.

To many Kanye West has become the true fashion icon, an innovator and an inspiration to the young. You may remember Yeezy’s Season 3 which made Anna Wintour cry as she was trying to escape half an hour before the end of the widely criticised show. In fact, the whole fashion aspect of Yeezy Season 3 played as the visual aspect of the whole show while Kanye premiered his new album, The Life Of Pablo. I’ve a feeling that West doesn’t even want us to remember any of his clothes in detail; all of his collections are based on repetition and not craftsmanship or flamboyance. Kanye’s ideology was replicated in the 4th season of his fashion line, with the same level of hype but far less fervour and organisation in comparison to the previous show. The Washington Post’s Fashion Editor made her statement calling the collection “dull“. Kanye came out and presented the same, but slightly refurbished pieces we’ve seen before with even bigger emphasis on hooded coats and athleisure gear.

While his previous fashion show can be considered a massive disaster, Kanye has done a phenomenal job creating the hype, as any other brand Yeezy exists to sell products to customers. The fashion shows, the interviews and all the zines are all technically superfluous – they exist for marketing, increase sales and grow a customer base. While Kanye’s shoes cost as much as $600 and parkas are prices at more than $1,000, the great shame of YEEZY thus far lies within the fast-fashion retailers such as COS, Zara and H&M who are producing their own YEEZY-like garments.

Hypebeast is based upon the idea of simultaneously embracing and making fun of the “hype” which surrounds the major releases. The so-called hypebeasts will get their hands on anything that has a specific logo on it and has been widely spoken about on the social media. Take Supreme’s bricks retailing at $25 and then being re-sold for over $100. If Kanye West was seen building a house out of these fine Supreme bricks, the resell price would probably explode up to $1000 per piece. Today’s streetwear brands just need social and the power of mouth to be successful.

Kanye has used the same tactic Supreme or BEATS by Dr. Dre when it comes to marketing. Production costs are low, the quality is acceptable but definitely not worth its original price tag, however, what matters is the margin profit used for promotion of the product. You’ll see Justin Bieber or Kylie Jenner wear them in public and the media give Yeezy free publicity by talking about it. On top of it all, you have the limited supply which essentially creates demand for those who aren’t able to get their hands on the product (mainly due to bots). What also makes Yeezy competitive is its current prestige, you may not get much of it by wearing Gucci Aces however, almost everyone knows about Yeezys and their resell price, all of a sudden you will have people dropping to the ground to legit check your shoes.

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If you’re into streetwear today, it’s because ‘the cool guy’ in your class is into it, it’s just another battle of trying to fit in. However a $600 pair of shoes will give you all the attention you desire however it’s like having an overly edited photo of your face on tinder,  you may care a lot about your imagine covering the true you. Yohji Yamamoto calls them the “fashion victims” in the interview with Dazed concluding on a very strong note, “Don’t be one of a group. Be yourself. Stay a little bit monotone – walk on our side of the street, don’t walk the mainstream of fashion. You’ll be polluted by trends.” Kanye West is in charge of a trend, a trend that will die very soon and you’ll be left with a pair of $50 Yeezy sneakers.


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