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London Fashion Week: J.W.Anderson

London Fashion Week: J.W.Anderson

“Ease and coolness”, said Irish designer Jonathan Anderson when asked to describe his Fall 2017 collection, during London Fashion Week. If we had to add one more word to this short description, it would probably be “smoothness”. J.W.Anderson has been around for quite a few years already, and it was always about provoking and challenging the audience while keeping the clothes wearable. But something changed roughly a year ago, and the focus was dramatically shifted from provocation to easiness. “It’s more digestible. I wasn’t trying to provoke myself.” openly admits Jonathan, while talking about his latest collection.

The types of clothes showcased during show were many, and even though there were plenty of asymmetry and technical complexity at times, all of the outfits looked sharp and uncluttered, something which is quite rare in today’s fashion, where designers compete against each other to create the most original – and often weird – silhouettes. Don’t make a mistake, though, by any means the collection wasn’t boring.

Without a doubt, the collection was genuinely comfy looking, and the variety of styles and materials used to create it was more than impressive. From a thin-knit camel cardigan through long cable-knit scarves to a sylphlike purple costume made of silk, every single piece of clothing looked practical, like something that you could wear for hours without any discomfort, and even though it’s an Autumn/Winter collection, we would gladly wear many of the pieces during a warm summer day. You can easily tell that utility was on top of the priority list, with many of the pieces having spacious pockets, often exhibited and situated in unusual places.

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You can take a look at the full collection in our gallery above.

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