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5 tracks you need in your life this week

5 tracks you need in your life this week

As soon as the sun comes out everyone gets into a different state of mind, of course I won’t be telling you to get your Top 40 UK Chart music playlist and blast the speakers full volume with your windows down, have respect to your neighbours, don’t disrespect them with poor music but instead educate them.

5. C Y G N – On the riverside

Out on Redbull Paris Studios channel, this track is featured in their EP along with the documentary which you can watch here.

4. Melanie De Biasio – I’m Gonna Leave You (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)

Gilles Peterson presents, this title already gives enough away letting you know that the release will be full of instruments and harmony. This is exactly the case of Melanie’s “I’m Gonna Leave You”. Gilles Peterson called upon some of the most exciting names across the jazz, electronic and indie worlds to rework Melanie De Biasio’s acclaimed new album No Deal, in this case The Cinematic Orchestra created a remix worth crying to as the 1,2,3,4,5 drums are as magnificent as a vintage bottle of Dom Pèrignon.

3. Bicep – Just

We’ve a soft spot for tracey/progressive sounds and you can call Bicep’s “Just” exactly that, even with some breaks here and there it’s a true extravaganza of sounds yet bizarrely enough it sounds so simplistic.

2. j.robb – Still Got It (feat. Naji, Olukara, Solis & Vada)

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I said it many times and I’ll say it again, Fêtedela is one of the best labels around right now as they are slowly reinventing the sounds of R&B & Soul. In this case j.robb teams up with four other label mates making it one of our favourite releases to date. Don’t forget about the interview we did with Naji.

1. Ouska – Instanbul

Complete refurbishment of Barış Manço’s “Alla Beni Pulla Beni” Turkish classic. I could talk about the production in over 1000 words but I’d rather let the track do the talking.

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