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Alexander Wang Accuses Philipp Plein Of Plagiarising His Show

Alexander Wang Accuses Philipp Plein Of Plagiarising His Show

In a video post published on Instagram, Alexander Wang accuses a German designer Philipp Plein of plagiarism. The video compares Plein’s latest New York Fashion Week show to Wang’s 2014 show for his sportswear collaboration with H&M. While we have to admit that both shows do look very similar, it’s important to keep in mind that they are both sports-themed, which isn’t something extremely unique, especially when it comes to clothing. Alexander Wang’s post consists of couple short videos put together in order to show the similarities.

In our opinion, Philipp Plein might have indeed been at least slightly inspired by AW’s work, especially when it comes to the show itself. In both cases we can see models jumping over high obstacles, performing handstands, and Plein’s show also ends in a sort of a “victory run” alongside the audience. On the other hand, we strongly disagree with comparisons made in regards to clothing. As we said previously, both shows are sports-themed so it would be hard for them not to share certain similarities. Alexander Wang did definitely NOT invent female sports bras, boxing gloves or leggings.

It also doesn’t seem like Philipp Plein is worried about the accusations. It’s been a really busy week for his brand, and multiple celebrities supported him during the show. Kylie Jenner, Tyga, and Madonna were sitting in the front row, while rappers Young Thug, Fetty Wap and Desiigner have appeared on the catwalk.

Take a look at the video in question down below, and let us know if you consider this a case of plagiarism.

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