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Pill-Testing Kits To Be Introduced at Summer Sydney Fests

Pill-Testing Kits To Be Introduced at Summer Sydney Fests


Based on reports from Fairfax Media, reduction advocates are looking to distribute thousands of free, DIY testing kits at large-scale summer festival events in Sydney, seen as a “haven” for drug takers.

The kits will allow users to identify specific substances that are legal to possess in Australia. Festival attendees will be able to test the presence of a particular drug like MDMA in a pill, but they won’t be able to detect any other harmful substances or display the strength or purity of the given drug. Gino Vumbaca published a statement for Fairfax, stating “This is definitely not our preferred option, but it’s our only available option. We are heading into festival season. We witnessed a number of deaths last year. The unfortunate reality is, tragedies will occur again this summer.”

This move follows a number of drug-related fatalities at the Stereosonic festival, once Australia’s largest electronic music festival.

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Always exercise caution when experimenting with unknown substances. Visit Erowid and DanceSafe for information on common drugs and responsible doses.

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