Last week United States President Barack Obama officially signed the Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act of 2016, which makes buying large quantities of tickets using computer software a federal offense. The bill calls usage of bots an “unfair and deceptive practice” in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Ticket bots have long been an issue in the U.S. Music fans are often left empty-handed, unable to buy tickets for their favorite acts when bots snatch all the tickets within seconds. These wind up being scalped on dedicated exchange websites like StubHub or TicketsNow. Last year Forbes prepared a list of the most expensive concert tickets, showing that second-market prices for many acts exceeded $200. The most expensive act was Fleetwood Mac, with ticket prices averaging $300.

Ticket-selling behemoth Ticketmaster released the following statement regarding the bill being signed into law:

“On behalf of artists, venues, teams, and especially fans, Ticketmaster is pleased that the BOTS Act is now a federal law. Ticketmaster worked closely with legislators to develop the BOTS Act and we believe its passage is a critical step in raising awareness and regulating the unauthorized use of bots.”

Hopefully, we’ll soon all be able to get tickets for our favorite acts at their actual price.


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