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Review: Loom – Burnt Glass EP

Review: Loom – Burnt Glass EP

After proving himself as one of the most unique producers of the year so far, and the success of ‘European Heartache‘ on Gobstopper records, Loom makes the move to Sound Pellegrino for his newest EP ‘Burnt Glass’. This EP shows us just how much Loom has advanced with his own sound and showcases a newer more unique sound to his tracks.

The title track sees Loom provide the listener with a wonderful contrasting track as it flips between haunting melodies and more future-esque top lines in the intro. If you like Loom this song essentially takes all the best parts of his style and places them in the one track. The hook of the song is a great mix of syncopated rhythms and a melody so detuned it just sounds right.

‘Acid Rain’ opens with some hard hitting drums before a juxtapose into yet another incredibly pleasant melody. This song is definitely more of a club track then the previous, with it’s driving beat and solid bass line. This one is definitely more reminiscent of his EP on Gobstopper Records.

The final of the original tracks on the EP is ‘Hardest of the Year’. The title is pretty self explanatory on this one, this track is a hard hitter for sure. A great mix of granular sounding drums and wonky melodies collide to create just an all around great track. The breakdown is almost like a call back to the first track with the bouncy future-esque melody and provides the listener with just enough time to gather their thoughts before the drums come back into this goliath of a track.

Le Dom provides a great remix of ‘Hardest of the Year’ by maintaining the melody and rhythms of the original track but completely changing the overall vibe. He does a great job in somehow taking this track to an even darker grimier place.

Lloyd SB is on remix duty for ‘Acid Rain’ and he definitely does the track justice this track is a mix of both mangled melodies and percussion from the original which creates soundscape before dropping into a heavily drum-led club track. Be sure to check out Lloyd SB’s newest release ‘Boida Flare‘ on Nervous Horizon.

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The final track on the EP is amazing. Doline from Rinse France’s remix of the title track is, personally, the best remix on the EP. It’s a stomping rhythm with the chord on the offbeat and a syncopated bell to fill out the top end creates a track which is sure to get an entire club of people moving.

All in all this EP is an incredibly versatile mix of sounds and definitely one you should pick up. It’s easy to hear the progression Loom has made in such a short time. This honing in on his own unique sound along with a barrage of great remixes just creates a great listen though-out.

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