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What you need to know about Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

What you need to know about Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

You probably know the magic of Aunie Anne’s buttery soft pretzels if you’ve ever followed their fresh scent through the mall or airport. We absolutely love those chewy pretzels and there are few things that you may not know about the company until you read this article.

1. She’s a real person

She grew up in an Amish Mennonite family on a farm in Lancaster County, PA. Was raised alongside seven brothers and sisters and eventually became an aunt to 30 nieces and nephews!

annie (1)

2. She started off at a farmer’s market

Her husband, Jonas Beiler had a dream of opening a family counseling center, so Anne helped him look for a way to earn extra money. She took her first opportunity to work at farmer’s market when the opportunity arose in Downington, PA in 1988 and began making soft pretzels with the existing equipment.


3.  There’s a funny story behind her first logo

Their first logo with Old English font included an image of a pretzel, which was created when an employee took a real, baked pretzel and photocopied it on an office machine. Only in 2006 it was replaced with the current “Pretzel Perfect” logo.

1465420042-auntieannesoldlogo-pms542 (1)

4. Their pretzels are always hand made on the spot

Rather obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many companies tend to get food delivered pre-cooked to the store and then just placed in the oven. Aunie Anne’s definitely doesn’t serve pre-made pretzels. Each location receives their delivery of the signature flour mixture, which is then placed with water and yeast.

5. You have to try their lemonade!

Salty snacks can make you very thirsty, Auntie has you covered though! From the beginning, the stalls have sold their signature version of the tart drink along with the pretzels. For your information, 1,735 gallons of it were filled into the largest cup, which is now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

6. You will find them almost everywhere these days

The company has more than 1,600 locations, across 48 states and 25 countries (Including Ireland). There are locations at airports, in malls, and on college campuses across the US.


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