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Desiigner releases his debut mixtape “New English”

Desiigner releases his debut mixtape “New English”

Desiigner has finally dropped his debut mixtape “New English”. The release itself is not a suprise since it was already announced some time ago. What is a suprise (or not – depending on who you ask) is the mixtape’s content. Since we haven’t heard much of Desiigner’s music before his breakthrough single “Panda” we didn’t really know what to expect. What we got truly deserves the title “New English”.

The lyrics are completly unintelligible most of the time and the only things we can identify without mistake are ubiquitous onomatopoeias. The mixtape is technically 14 track long but that includes an intro, two interludes and two tracks so short that we should probably just refer to them as snippets.

Vocally Desiigner is another Future-like sounding rapper. This doesn’t mean he’s completely unoriginal but you know what to expect. The only thing that really stands out are his vocals. They are extremely aggressive up to the point where on certain tracks he sounds more like deathcore rather than rap. The beats are trying to be very powerful and hard-hitting but they are not nearly as energetic or catchy as “Panda” and to be honest almost none of them are memorable – maybe apart from “Overnight” which is the only track on this mixtape with potential to end up on a radio. And that’s mainly because of it’s structure which is similar to huge hit songs like Future’s “Codeine Crazy” or Travis Scott’s “Antidote”.

You can listen to “New English” exclusively on TIDAL so if you’re a subscriber go give “New English” a listen and you might even end up adding it to your gym playlist.

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