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Review of Mono Junk’s ‘State of Funk’ EP

Review of Mono Junk’s ‘State of Funk’ EP

Mono Junk, State of Funk EP

Mono Junk has put out a four-piece of pure Finnish expressive tracks for Rat Life’s 7th ever release. True pioneer of leftfield Techno, his true ability to stay on top of things and surprise us on each occasion are a few of the reasons why his presence is just as appreciated now as it was 20 years ago. His latest approach will leave many people mindfucked to say the least.

You will immediately spot the robotic vocals and perfect synth work along with enjoyable bass lines all mixed with that dark Techno atmosphere. The likes of ‘State of Funk’ and ‘Leave This Feeling’ will certain fall under that Kraftwerk-esque category. Both of which contain Rapatti’s typical spastic synths.

Meanwhile ‘Panic Of The Disco Fan’ certainly stands out from the whole EP, its progressive buildup is thrilling and truly emotional while keeping it rather toned down and minimalistic especially due to the fact that it doesn’t have any vocals.

‘State of Funk’, differs from the rest, it’s got this boogie feel to it as the name may indicate. Its sounds are ambiguous and gloomy with a strong hint of 80s synths.

This EP brings us back to the era of crazy 80’s synth with a lot of experimental sounds showcasing a rather unique take on modern contemporary electronic music. All in all, we can certainly expect more weirdness from Mono Junk same way he surprised us in the past.

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