Let me set the scene for this interview. Joe Nice, one of the Legends of Dubstep, is playing in Crawdaddy. My good friend Oisin is supporting said legend. So naturally I think a sneaky shoulder is on the cards. The Shoulder quickly appears and then vanishes, with a little help from friends, and then lo and behold, none other than Calculon strolls in with the lads from Spectrum. Drunken confidence of course leads me to being in the Green Room with the lads, a couple more beverages, and the Calculating Man himself. Eh? Eh? Calcu… Oh never mind!

(Smileys inserted when appropriate)

Oh and feel free to act out the little bracketed atmospheric annotations. They add atmosphere.

So, simple question to start off, Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a Producer/DJ from San Diego. I pretty much play Drum n Bass.

And what was the one track that got you in to  Drum n Bass? Or was there more than one?

There was one track in particular that was from the Digital Hardcore recording label in Berlin, it started off with a scream and then a simplified Jungle Beat, I’d never heard anything like it before and I was just like you know this is IT man! And ever since then its been all down hill. (Laughter)

What influences your own productions and where do you take your vibes from?

Actually I think alot of it seems to come from when I used to listen to alot of Down Tempo Hip-Hop like DJ Shadow and DJ Crush. So even though I get credit cross the board, ehhh a lot of people call it Liquid, but for me it’ss just like Jazz! You know? It has to have a vibe. Whats a tune without a vibe?

Being a Dubstep head personally, I’m not too familiar with the Drum n Bass world, so I’m sure a few of the lads here, who are more acquainted with it, have a few questions for you, but first – What’re your thoughts on Dubstep?

Well there’s alot of it that I really like, I mean I put out a Dubstep record in the past and I’m making a couple tunes now so, it’s not something I’m completely devoted to but if you know where to look, there’s a lot of good music there.

What would you listen to yourself?

Definitely the more mellow stuff like synkro, V.I.V.E.K, Digital Mystikz Those kind of vibes.
(At this point I let the lads from Spectrum hop in and ask a few questions)


a lot of people call it Liquid, but for me it's just like Jazz. You know? It has to have a vibe Whats a tune without a vibe?


So this is your second time in Europe, how do you find the style and scene in Europe compared to America?

There are alot of words popping in to my head but for lack of a better word, I think it’s better here, I mean there’s so much energy. Like here, there’s a definite scene, it’s not like you have to search it out like back home, of course there are good parties back home don’t get me wrong but it’s not as healthy as in Europe.

Any good up and coming producers from San Diego or America that we should check out?

There’s a whole bunch! Gridlock, Quadrant, Phantom Movement. The thing is that even though we’re spread out across the country, we’re a real tight knit community so the scene has really picked up I mean it’s phenomenal.

And what do you use to produce?

I personally use QBase and Reason, but I collaborate with people who use all kinds of programs, I mean it doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun. Just have fun. Play what you like and just have a good time.

What do you think of MC’s and Drum N Bass? Especially some of the ones in Ireland and England?

Of course I think they’re all brilliant. (Cheeky Grin, we all laugh)

Oh and last question, did you enjoy the Guinness Factory?

The best part is, none of these guys drink Guinness and you get a free one as part of the trip, So I got four! So yeah I had fun.

Cheers to the Spectrum lads for letting us have a chat with Calculon and cheers to Nikolai (Calculon) for having the craic on the night.

Make sure to check him out.

Right. Night folks!


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