Who are Body Clocks? Formed of Josef Kašpar and Joe Craven, they have a passion for live sets and relaxing immersive cross-genre electronica. Blending electronic beats and soundscapes with more conventional instrumentation results in a densely layered sound that is both individual and captivating. Recently they’ve been throwing a monthly residency in the basement of Take 5 in Bristol; filling the intimate space with décor, smoke and lasers and inviting guests acts BRUCE, Subrewind favourite Yuki Ame and many more!


Us lucky folks at Subrewind have an exclusive premier of their new home-made video for ‘Dusk’; their second single and follow-up to 2016’s ‘Still Life’. Set to be released on Chiverin on Friday 24th February. Starting with chilling sustained synths paired with a flickering image of the face of one part of Body Clocks, riffs start to come in as the scenery starts to change to the more abstract, the looming faces still present as ever. Light never breaks through fully as it promises to in this video. It is always coming and going, oscillating in intensity with the fluctuations reaching a crescendo towards the end of the piece in fantastic staccato flashes.



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