A slowly emerging movement of luxury brands playing with streetwear brands has contributed to the diminishing line between luxury and mass; streetwear has become more mainstream as opposed to solely a subcultural movement. Which is why, at Paris Fashion Week 2017, Louis Vuitton took the risky move of collaborating with the streetwear giant Supreme. The result? Mixed reviews and an intense euphoric atmosphere.

In the eyes of the older clientele, Louis Vuitton was seen as a brand sacrificing its integrity and heritage in order to appeal to the youth of today; some even going as far as to say “the classic LV brand is being cheapened”. However, the results amongst the millennials were mainly positive, in other words, LV being regarded as pursuing a strategic move in the right direction.

Louis Vuitton’s classic pieces -trunks, bespoke backpacks, shoulder bags- had all been co-branded with Supreme and LV, pieces that any logo maniac would adore. The overall aesthetic made a statement about the growing ambiance at Louis Vuitton – much sportier, casual and ultimately younger. One can conclude that Kim Jones gathered his inspiration from the 90s nightlife in New York as even a bag for carrying a turntable was present.

Taking a look at the photos above and the social media buzz generated regarding this dynamic duo, it is no doubt that the pieces are bound to sell out once they hit stores. As Kim Jones -artistic director at Louis Vuitton menswear- says “No conversation about New York menswear is complete without Supreme.”


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