Rather recently I’ve been exploring the music that has been coming out of Reykjavík in Iceland, country situated to the East of Greenland. Iceland has given us the likes of Jón Leifs, Tenors Gardar Thor Cortez, Kristján JóhannssonKristinn Sigmundsson and continues to thrive with immense talents. Our latest discovery is EinarIndra, immensly talented signer, song writer, pianist and producer. On first impressions alone, he has succeeded wildly with his latest releases: When all bed sheets are in disarray, when all those grey lights ooze into wet windows, clouds in the sky may signify that there is a always a chance of showers, Einar’s particular brand of impressionistic melancholy is irresistible. You either stay put in bed or descent out into the wild streets, none of it matters as his music will find its way to summon personal rain clouds that follow you wherever you wish to go.


EinarIndra’s musical palette begins with the “You Sound Asleep” EP. Its first track “Lose My Self” has the ability to slow down the time, Einar paints in deep blues and greys, production is unparalleled, spacious and rather impossibly textured. Meanwhile his voice is chilly and distanced with the track towering and menacingly sad. Up next we have “Places“, artist brings out what I love most about him, his piano notes, often he develops chords on the piano and the vocals come after it. His music draws lines between the electronic future garage and indie but at the same time he keeps it classy until the very end. Each listen of “Places” is draining in its way, when it’s over it feels like decades have passed. “Whales” shows Einar’s ability to orchestrate moments which can even mimic the stark romantic pomposity of Casper David Friedrich painting. Meanwhile “The Bearded Man P.2” brings something completely different to the table, it’s upbeat and funky with 80s twist. “Mountains Blue P.2” finishes the EP on a perfect note, comedown after the previous track with slightly tweaked voice of Moma Bear using sound box.

While “You Sound Asleep” was a stepping-stone EP for Einar, he really let his pure talent shine in the “Stories EP“. It all begins with his best production up to date “Sometimes I’m Wrong“, there is a positive message to eke out of the whole experience, as the name suggests Einar is portraying vitally important aspect of life; it’s fine to be wrong, we learn from mistakes and although people try to seek their utopia, it is the faults and mistakes that give our life true meaning. Five hundred years ago, the lawyer and philosopher Thomas More wrote a book with an unhelpfully unwieldy title: Libellus vere aureus, nec minus salutaris quam festivus, de optimo rei publicae statu deque nova insula Utopia. We can just call it Utopia – an original name, coined by Thomas, for an original and hugely influential idea, and his ideology is being rejected by people like Einar in the most gentle manner.

In “The Songs Are Over”  Einar presents a certain period of life where one battles through the struggles, with miasma gasping for reconsideration and change. For the most part his singing can be vertiginous, triggering isolation, and inducing rapture when stretched into his signature vast choruses and when EinarIndra is alone with the piano, that’s when true magic happens. “Thoughts” is my personal favourite, we can just sense how he charges his inspiration from the surroundings, ocean, magnificent Nordic sunrise, nature at its finest display, magnificent music triggers contemplation, thoughts, emotions and “Thoughts” does just that, moving you slowly to the volcanic country when you’re not there physically. At last “Your Eyes Are Burning” features female vocals which sound hugely familiar, Madonna comes to mind, minus the energetic voice. It suits the theme of the EP and the humming sounds put you in a very melancholic mood, continuously reproducing the discomfiting beauty in a rush of catharsis. Remixes add a variety of different interpretations, with housey vibe from Futuregrapher and the upbeat remix of “The Songs Are Over” from Gunnar Jónsson Collider, Bistro Boy gives his personal take on “Thoughts” with the experimental sounds, and finally Brilliantinus rounds everything up with his remix of “Your Eyes Are Burning“.

EinarIndra music is about self-care, surroundings, life and acceptance. In a sense it’s a healing process with probing self-consciousness that proceeded it. Einar promotes happiness through melancholic music, and in my book it’s the most heartwarming passage.

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