We’re a bit late to the party, 3 months to be exact. Treat this as a reminder more than anything else as Zora Jones’ and Sinjin Hawke’s mix deserves all the recognition.

Fractal Fantasy is brain child of Barcelona-based producers Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones, it is not a label, it’s a platform for the creative minds that roam this world. These include names from across the global dance music spectrum: Dj Taye, Mike Q L-Vis 1990 and P. Morris, all that contributed. Until now Fractal Fantasy has only released music videos, they have taken the project the extra mile and released a true piece of art, the uncanny valley trippy page with interactive visuals for their insanely powerful mix. The objects featured are widely textured club mechanisations that move to the position of your coursor.

Head over to http://fractalfantasy.net/ for the whole feature with the trippy visuals, or you can choose to stick with music only and listen to the mix below


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