Leon Vynehall, the house musician from Brighton, England is set to release an LP on the ‘Running Back Records’ label run by Gerd Janson. His debut release on the label will come out in the coming months titled ‘Rojus‘. The idea behind the name comes from an unfortunate day when Leon missed his flight after playing at Studio 9 in Vinius, Lithuania. He explored the city’s Contemporary Art Centre where he spotted a book named ‘Rojus’ which translates to ‘Paradise‘ in English. The word stuck in his mind as he went on to explore the rituals of birds’ paradise.

Producers can be inspired by absolute anything and with close observation of birds’ attempts to captivate and impress the opposite sex, Lean has drawn the connection to human beings being no different than those birds, trying to interact on the dance floor. His tracks will feature the build up of the whole clubnight with the use of birds’ samples.

As it stands, we have no preview to present to the readers but the concept idea of the project and its tracklist.


A1 Beyond This…
A2 Saxony
A3 Beau Sovereign
B1 Paradisea
B2 Wahness
C1 Blush
D1 Kiburu’s
D2 …There Is You


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