Before we begin talking about the actual release, it’s well worth going over the actual artist first. Baby Ford is an absolutely legend within the UK scene, he is one of the founders of the UK acid house scene. A true mainstays as well as rather regular face within the Fabric walls. He was mainly influenced by Chicago musicians, the likes of Marshall Jefferson, Armando and Larry Heard were one of the founders of the acid house scene in the UK. Baby Ford himself has a lot of to be proud of with many of his records becoming club hits across the globe many reaching top 100 with the likes of “Oochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeah Yeah)” which reached 58th ranking within UK. Baby Ford also had the pleasure to open for Depeche Mode on several dates of their Vialator tour. Further on Baby Ford continued his explorations into minimal electronic music throughout the 1990s and straight to the next decade with multiple releases on the iFach label.

Few years on and Baby Ford has finally been able to put all of his best bag of platters with plenty of life in them. He brought all the big guns to the table navigating through multiple decades pulling the trigger with Derrick Carter’s ‘Boompty Boomp Theme’ and mixing it with Joy Orbison’s ‘Ellipsis’. Baby Ford shows his age with the well mature ‘Spend The Night’. Despite Baby Ford being an old fart he knows how to stay on top of his work showing that music tastes change, this fabric mix speaks for itself with the avoidance of being another shitty display of art or the need to go back to past and rinse out a couple of classics. Instead you’re left with a wide variety of tracks, diversity is impeccable and despite a couple of wrinkles and a beer belly, the modernism will fade all of that away. Ford’s still on top of the game, and you’ll know it.


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