Emika Flashbacks EP

Roughly seven years ago Mary Anne Hobbs was performing at a club in Berlin, after the show she was approached by Emika who handed her only ever test press of the first ever track – ‘Price Tag’. Track that went on to be released on AUS Music’s label. ‘Price Tag’ featured two tracks that were certainly distinct from the creations that Emika went on to make afterwards. The tracks on the test press appealed to Mary Anne Hobbs’ dark and experimental taste in music, she played on her weekly BBC 1 Radio show on a number of occasions, always highlighting the love she held for Emika’s creations. Perhaps Mary Anne Hobbs can be considered the driving force behind Emika’s success as only months later she got signed to the Ninja Tune label.

Emika never stopped to impress, only a few months ago she got to record her first symphony with the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra after her crowd-funding campaign. The experimental boundaries have been pushed even further by adding a separate EP to her portfolio. Video for “Flashbacks” was shot in Iceland with the use of two iPhones.

It’s about the flashbacks I suffer with—strong, unique moments that refuse to release me. I am always being pulled back in time from my present awareness into a parallel world of trapped memories. It’s often terrifying and very disorientating. These experiences are a world of inspiration for my work. 

Flashbacks with its haunting mission displays an example of how art can quickly change your state of derangement into the feel of warmth and compassion. Her signature piano bass and the slow motion beat create gloomy atmosphere. However, in comparison to her previous releases, Emika’s vocals are more peppy than what we’re used to. French artist Franch Vigoroux adds his personal interpretation of the track ‘Flashbacks’ with contort synths and explosive bass.

Meanwhile, ‘Total‘ features Michaela Srumova, to whom vocal duties were handed. A synth-line offers a light in the dark while Michaela’s voice seems as it’s slowly fading away. They tackle the difficult relationship between a mother and daughter, “I feel I will only be able to fully understand my mother when I have my own children and then the ‚total’ cycle will be complete” stated Emika.

The EP is completed with ‘Restless Wings’ which touches on a territory that not many experienced before. It’s dark and experimental, Emika states “it’s about creating a new personality which lives in the internet – something we all know. Only the online life wants to be free and grow, but it’s trapped inside the programmers’code language with no real escape.” The pressure is present in the track as it goes through various digital agonising phases.

Flashbacks will arrive on March 4 on Emika Records. Actual copies of the releases will feature hand-made artwork made personally by Emika.


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