Guy and Howard Lawrence, Disclosure, the terrible twosome, whatever you call them it is certainly safe to say that the duo have created nothing but hit after hit since first coming on our radars in late 2010.

Latch is no different, this song is an amazing mix of beauty and sheer power with its combination of melodic synth work layered on top of carefully selected drum hits and a powerhouse of a bassline.
Where does Sam Smith fit into all this?, I hear you asking. The vocal from Mr. Smith is what makes this song for me, it sits so well in the mix amidst the amazing sound-scape created by the masterminds which are Disclosure

One can most definitely hear a progression from older tracks such as Tenderly to a newer, more distinct sound, this for me is great as the the duo already had such a distinct style.

Latch is available for preorder on 12″ now, it is also available for download on iTunes.


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