With a list of producers that looks like the best line up in UK Bass this release was always going to carry massive expectation. Joy O and Boddika have a good track record of producing together, producing the underground anthem Swims late last year that finally saw a release right at the start of 2012.

This time the pair have been joined by Pearson Sound and the trio have combined to amazing effect on this release’s A side. The track is beautiful combination of broken beats, vocal samples and intermittent crushing bass. You can be sure just where one producers influence starts and another ends but following the vocal work on Psycho cell and the old school drum machine work I think Joy O was mostly on the vocals while Boddika was the talent behind the drums. After that the song has so much going on, without ever seeming crowded or too busy, to distinguish sounds and attribute them to one of the three.

The song is restrained, never feels as if it releases the energy that it builds but we like it for that. If you are one of the lucky people to have heard this in a club with a big system you will appreciate just how big the bottom end is. Its very close to being musical perfection and we have a huge feeling that it will be as big if not bigger than Swims.

The flip side has two more tracks, both co-produced by Joy O and Boddika, “Moist” and “Nil (Reece)”.

Forthcoming on SunkLo later this month, (SUNKLOFREE following SUNKLOWUN and SUNKLOTUU) we have a feeling that this will be a sell out so get your pre-orders in now.


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