Tempa continues with its policy of bringing new and fresh artists to the forefront of their impressive back catalog. Consequence has been around for a bit now pushing tunes on dBridge’s Exit Label to good effect, but Tempa have in my opinion signed two of the tastiest tracks he has on offer that nicely slide into the trendy darker side of dubstep.

The first track, “Injunction” is iconic of today’s dungeon style and has been relentlessly pushed by Rinse FM’s don Youngsta from the early part of this year. The sound of “Injunction” is reminiscent of some of Comodo’s or Compa’s work with the rolling drum patterns giving the half time beat an illusion of speed to get the crowd skanking. A solid subbed out bass groove sits nicely under all the bass recces and growls giving the track a solid foundation and a true sense of solidity which has no doubt attributed to its heavyweight underground success. Consequence adds just the right amount of pad and synths to freshen the track up without compromising its dungeon ideology. What we have here is a delicious growler of a roller that will sit nicely into any contemporary dark DJ set.

“Chamber Music” continues on in much of the same taste as “Injunction.” Consequence slows and strips the drum loops down here just a little giving us, the listener a slower vibe but still makes wonderful use of those tribal influenced grooves. His use of bass is similar to that the previous track with the heavy foundations set by that monster sub and a barrage of aggressive grunts and growls keep the track interesting and engaging. There is definitely more use of pads here allowing Consequence to fabricate a truly moody little number.

Overall it’s nothing majorly evolutionary in terms of this scene but at the same time they are two solid tracks that stand out for themselves and the quality of Consequences production cannot be ignored. With artists such as Youngsta, dBridge, V.I.V.E.K, Distance and J:Kenzo all more than happy to push his sounds this release is one you should all go out and pick it up!

Pre-order Injunction/Chamber Music via Tempa HERE.

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