In the midst of finding a sound to call her own, Py enlists the help of a few producer pals, who just happen to be some of the hottest young talent in the business to create a nine song mixtape showcasing her talent as a vocalist and hopefully proving no matter the backdrop, her lyrical prowess shines through in it’s own unique way. Take a listen to the interesting range of introductions to the songstress Py on the mixtape below, while you gain some insight into the world of Jade Pybus from our interview below. ‘Tripping on Wisdom’ is a more than apropos title.



Word Associations

Facebook  Addictive and procrastination

Dream collab Bille Holiday and me produced by Geoff Barrow and the Weeknd

Fashion Fun

Go-to party music  Beyonce

 London – Home

Pitchfork Good taste

Fans  🙂

Favorite Sound Bicycle wheels turning, hand claps

Artist Crush shhh



DOWNLOAD Py’s Tripping on Wisdom Mixtape HERE.


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