In the midst of finding a sound to call her own, Py enlists the help of a few producer pals, who just happen to be some of the hottest young talent in the business to create a nine song mixtape showcasing her talent as a vocalist and hopefully proving no matter the backdrop, her lyrical prowess shines through in it’s own unique way. Take a listen to the interesting range of introductions to the songstress Py on the mixtape below, while you gain some insight into the world of Jade Pybus from our interview below. ‘Tripping on Wisdom’ is a more than apropos title.

[question]Congrats on your mixtape Tripping on Wisdom! How did the idea for a mixtape

come about?

[answer]Thank you! I wanted to create a project that felt very collaborative and I didn’t
want to restrict myself. It was always meant to be more of a statement, a mixtape
from a vocalist’s perspective, led by a concept. The narrative was led by my life,
it’s a very personal story, and I wanted to be able to express this. 
[/answer] [question]Your vocal style seems to marry so well with so many electronic artists and
genres. Was that your intention?[/question]



Um, my intention was to use my voice how I naturally do, I like my tunes to be

led by what sits right for each track, not really thinking too much about what
genre something is. The producers I worked with do all have different sounds
and styles, but I think the mix marries them together. My vocals and way of
working is influenced by so many genres, I love hooky toplines, and harmonies,
but equally, a sense of bittersweet and darkness, I think it’s important to let things
just happen, sometimes leaving a bit of intention behind.[/answer]


[question]Throwing Snow really seems to understand your sound, maybe more so than
other artists you have collaborated with. He just launched his own label. Any
upcoming plans to collaborate with him or his label?[/question] [answer]Throwing Snow is an incredibly versatile artist. I guess, you could say he
understands that I want to bend genres in that way. When I listen to his tunes,
I really hear a soundscape; I am also really into trying to create that vocally,
using space and pouring different melodies into gaps. No plans at the moment,
but I would of course love to write more with him! He is brilliant! We are playing
together at Soundwave this year.[/answer] [question] 
If you had to describe your sound as a food or dish, what would you choose and
why?[/question] [answer]Oooh that’s hard! Can I say a feast? Crumbly cheese, crunchy green apples,

juicy grapes, smoked salmon and dark chocolates; all amazing textures![/answer] [question]Explain Twitter to your grandparents.[/question] [answer]I wouldn’t be able to.
 [/answer] [question]You do a lot more than just sing. Can you talk a bit about Jade Pybus, the artist?
 [/question] [answer]Well I think that the artist bit and my music are growing into one. I want to get
them together for my live shows; I used to do a lot more installations, using
surround sound and film. This is something that completely influences my work
now though, either in an idea that pops into my head and turns into lyrics, or
ideas for live shows and videos. 
 [/answer] [question]”Crowns” is my favourite track on your mixtape, but your closing track, “Video
Footage” shows much more of the range and depth your music is capable of. Is
this closing track a hint at what’s next to come from Py?
 [/question] [answer]Yes I think in a way it shows that I won’t be happy unless I can use all aspects of
my voice, and that’s not something I am afraid of doing. What’s comes next, you
will have to wait and see!


Word Associations

Facebook  Addictive and procrastination

Dream collab Bille Holiday and me produced by Geoff Barrow and the Weeknd

Fashion Fun

Go-to party music  Beyonce

 London – Home

Pitchfork Good taste

Fans  🙂

Favorite Sound Bicycle wheels turning, hand claps

Artist Crush shhh



DOWNLOAD Py’s Tripping on Wisdom Mixtape HERE.


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