For those of you unfortunate enough to have never heard of BareSkin allow me to introduce you. Bareskin is only 17 but his new EP “Flow Control” shows us that age really doesn’t matter.

The EP opens with “Flow”, a personal favourite of mine. Theres just something about the vocal chops and that swing driven melody thats makes this tune one of my favourites right now.

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After that, there’s “Control” a slightly more mellow track but still a banger in its own right. I think it’s the James Brown sample that draws me towards it so much but then again it could be the hypnotic combination of drums and pads.

“Delerium” is next, personally I can’t find any faults in this track. The swing on the vocal line is backed beautifully by an amazing beat and some nice synth work. Its not until the second drop that this one shows its true colours the beat switches up to a more four-to-the-floor style creating a lot more energy in the track.

The closing track “Hours” is more mellow than the rest but still overall an amazing song. This one shows us that sometimes even the most simple of songs can turn into something amazing in the correct hands. This one Should definitely be added to your summer playlist!

This EP really shows us that BareSkin is a very versatile producer and is most definitely one to watch this year. His EP will be out on the 18th of June on Hypercolour/ Glass Table so make sure to pick it up.


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