Gatekeeper’s take on Dubstep quite personally is the way I always wished the sound to go. Since hearing “Let Go” and “Past Tense” on “Punch Drunk” back in 2007 the sound was atmospheric yet heavily bass influenced.

This new release really speaks for itself. The A side’s “Atmosphere Processor” starts off with huge organ sounds, heavily compressed kicks and shrieking scream with a subtle build of short notes from the organ synth. The drums ease their way into the song and compliment the rhythmic bass tones beautifully. Once the song sets the tone a short few seconds in nothing much changes and with a piece like this it’s exactly what you’re looking for something to kick back to and feel completely content with the music you are listening to.

“Let Us In” on the flip has a darker sound to it but still maintains the effervescent flow of “Atmospheric Processor” the rattling drums and sawed bass lines is what drags me in here. The daunting ghostly woman’s voice whispering “Let Us In” helps set the dark tones but still holds its ambience which never sets the song on too dark a trip.

As previously mentioned this is where I wished Dubstep did head when it was on a changing course but one can’t knock the current patterns at the moment either. Still a nice justice to see the likes of Gatekeeper, Shackleton, Bass Clef and Martyn are still providing the pleasures of what predominantly was Dubstep from 2007-08.


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