Newest Deep Medi release comes from Dub Mechanics the London based duo have been heard all throughout the Dubstep world whether it be via Dubstep Allstars or Mala’s XLR8R mix back last year and they’ve proved themselves so far as a force to be reckoned with.

The Clash is definitely a tune that has been on the watchlist of a lot of people over the past couple months with a lot of highly rated dj’s having it in their record bags. It’s a pure crowd pleaser with heavy basslines that share a big similarity to a lot of Coki productions. The sound doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it’s a real tried and tested formula with a slightly irritating vocal sample hitting just before each snare. But as previously mentioned it’s one to get the crowd moving and one wouldn’t be disappointed hearing it in the midst of a set from someone such as Mala.

Highest Strain is definitely the one that drew me into this release. The track sets a mood of ambience. With large dub influences in this one and simple melodies it’s the song you would throw on after the rave. There’s no huge drop or build up just a steady flow of relaxation. Subtle sub bass and easy going synths are ever prevalent.


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