Former Breakbeat producer Code Zero has come out with his newest Dubstep EP which to be honest is a lot more desirable than the last which was released in late 2010. The new “Thick Air EP” forms a deeper sound than the previous “Torpedo” release and has had much greater appeal to the Dubstep community.

The title track “Thick Air” really had me quite excited the percussions on this one are very influential throughout the track. It’s quite minimal in essence without anything too dynamic. There is a nice jungle feel off this one without anything having you jump out of your seat it keeps a nice consistent flow.

For “Tempo Tap” strong percussion is still prevalent. The mid range stabs really set this one off with an acid synth vibe off it. It’s a bautiful bass roller which has picked up love from big artists like District, Compa and 11th Hour.

“D’ARKH” was the one definitely the one that stood out to me. While it shares quite similar traits to “Tempo Tap” of the three songs it is the one which I would have to say is the most polished track on the EP. The track flows eventfully with the tight drum patterns and rolling subs. The atmosphere gives an air of suspense and thrill with a warm intro and nicely executed drop.

This EP as I said has gained more appeal as to previous attempts on Dubstep and does personally appeal to me a lot more. This is an entrancingly well done release with the percussions being the most prominent aspect of the EP. Unfortunately I think Code Zero may need a bit more work to stand out from the crowd



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