Guy Haans (also known as Sad Cyborg and Tron Soul) has been making bass music for a while now but we are now starting to see the best of him and his productions. This three track EP consists of 3 tracks, “Closer to the peak”, “Give me the love” and “Second Variety”. Closer to the peak’s deep rolling loop and almost “purple” style synths reminds me of some of the very early Joker tunes but not in any negative way. I would be really excited to see Guy Haans explore more of this kinda style. Give me the love shows a great appreciation for space and the interplay between the vocal sample and 8 bit style FX really works. Second Variety is the standout track of the EP and one that we have enjoyed playing at sets and our radio show. Its menacing vocals just work really well with the dubstep sound and drop when it comes. Each track on the EP threads the gaps between Dubstep and the ever growing UK Bass scene and overall while not the best music we have ever heard this EP is a fine addition to any collection of music and shows great promise.

Guy Haans – Closer to the Peak by Club Soda Records


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