Being the cool kid that I am, over the weekend I hung out in the latest internet trend you’ve never heard of called, which is a video sharing chat room, similar to where everyone’s a dj and you gain points by how are awesome you are. Well my absolute favorite Brooklyn label Triangle Records was playing host in one of the rooms I happened to drop in on and the result of that session was me and about 20 other music nerds getting some face time with Tri Angle and their bright new star, Evian Christ. Being the humble and extremely innocent kid that he is, he left most of the showboating to his label who dropped little known gems the entire session. My favorite sparkler is this unofficial video for “Fuck It None Y’all Don’t Rap” that is a trip and a half, and something you absolutely need to see.



What’s interesting about Evian Christ’s youtube launched album “Kings and Them” is the coincidental fact that it’s excruciatingly inline with his label, Tri Angle Records electronic artist roster that dances between witchy, ambient and hip hop and RnB influences. It’s as if this guy was created in some drugged out, (but brilliant) scientist’s lab and then hand delivered on Tri Angle’s Bushwisk doorstep. When I first heard Evian Christ’s tracks I joked that Balam Acab and oOoOO had too much free time before their next albums dropped so they started fucking around collabing on some beats. Even though I wasn’t serious or right for that matter, the sound is dead on, except from a much fresher perspective. Part of the brilliance behind Evian Christ is his naive disposition when it comes to current or even recent music trends. This kid is just killing time between classes sampling 90s one-hit-wonders and chopping up beats for the sheer pleasure of it.

All I know is my initial reaction to hip hop flows transcended into sampled neo-electro prose have my panties all up in a bunch, and I can’t stop humming, “Fuck It None of Y’all Don’t Rap,” and not just because it’s true. Evian Christ has tapped into what I have been missing since 93 (to infinity), if you catch my drift.


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