Coki- Haymaker/ Revolution
And just like that out of nowhere world gets hit with yet another DMZ. We’re too spoilt for choice these days! I suppose it’s safe to say for the most part a Coki release is going to be a series of furious wobbles and while this time Coki hasn’t gone and made anything revolutionary, like all DMZ releases this is a must have.  The unassuming intro to Haymaker lulls you into a false sense of security that is dispersed with that massive bass drop. I’ve always felt that some Coki tracks lacked that subby element to them; they seemed to concerned with mid range controlled insanity, but this beauty harmonises both frequency ranges flawlessly. Coki harnesses enough space to leave the two bass riffs sit side by side. This of course leaves that modulating sub bass enough depth to move the room while the wobble can move the people. Top it off with some furious bass drops and surges and you’ve got an absolute killer tune!


Revolution is a different kettle of fish all together. Coki tones it down a tad compared to his usual madness and yet again strikes the perfect balance between tear out and darkness, keeping his tracks easy to digest and follow. The little synthy sample is distinctly Digital Mystikz’esque’ and the Wobbles just keep coming but not as in your face as you’d expect. Top it off with a tasty voice sample and you sum up Revolution in a few quick bite sized words! While some of the Coki’s tracks released on Dmz are little more miss than hit and to be frank I have to say what we’ve got here is nothing truly special or ground breaking. On the other hand without doubt it’s safe to say these are two delicious little tracks that would find a happy home in any Dubstep record collection.  Go out and do yourself a favour and buy it now before its 100 euro on Discogs in a few months.



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