The b side of Bwana’s latest work is nothing short of spectacular. One of my favorite electronic artists of 2012, it seems I’m not the only one taking notice. This release came out earlier this week on Mad Decent’s version of a digital download club, The Jeffree’s. From the sounds of these new tracks, I have a hunch baby boo Bwana has been having a some serious fun in Leeds, taking lots of trips to east London and hanging out in the right crowds. “This Is Real” definitely has a UK bass feel, but doesn’t loose the signature Bwana sound, especially after the 4:00 mark. The overarching theme of Bwana’s sound that has me so enthralled is his production and mixing skills. The kid really has a knack for taking several fragile elements and layering them together to make a bigger sound while still maintaining those delicate nuances and utilizing them to build a final product.

The a side of this release, “Can’t You Just” is really a showcasing of the progression of Bwana’s sound since dropping his debut EP, Over and Done in January. He’s already a pro at creating such a sexy smooth sound without any of the sleepy, Quaalude feel, and instead constructing signature beats and quirks that are get more intoxicating with every listen. As I’ve said before, Bwana is what Balam Acab would sound like if asked to DJ a party and the only request was “Please don’t make everyone fall asleep.” Super dope and with only a handful of songs released I expect big things from Nathan Micay in 2012.

Oh and you know Mad Decent named their new label after that fucked up drug in Get Him To The Greek.

Download Bwana’s tracks above for free via The Jeffree’s HERE.


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