Boddika – Acid Jackson/ Basement

I’m not really sure what to label Acid Jackson as in terms of genre pigeon holing but then again who really cares! It’s really something out there in the realms of the outer universe to be honest, the blipping synths are so easy to get lost in and the bass hit with each kick drags you back into life. The synths are distinctly acid orientated and it really reminds me of some mid 80’s tech plus there is enough 808 cowbell hits to satisfy even the most finicky Blue Oyster Cult die-hard fans. You can definitely hear that real Detroit techno influence that seems to be the trade mark of Boddika’s touch. Overall I have to say it is probably some of the most cutting edge, inspiring electronic music being pushed out there. It’s just too refreshing in an area of music that’s becoming all to clichéd. There is more to bass music than a kick, snare and sine waves.


The flip side isn’t too shabby either.  I think most of us thought Basement would be an A-side to any forthcoming Boddika releases but alas it had to share this 180 gram plate with Acid Jackson which to be honest gives you the punter much better value for money! This track is pretty much slowed down straight up Detroit Alien Outer Space Techno, I’m not sure if that’s even an accurate enough term for it. The moment when the kicks drop is truly mesmerizing. Boddika has packed enough bass in each kick to shake your inner organs, each pounding thump is like getting punched in the respiratory system. The trade mark acid synth doesn’t let up and just keeps inviting you to groove. Overall as a release I have to say it’s going to be right up there on my end of year anthems. Although these tunes may have been rinsed to the point they’re becoming transparent, I have to say they’re going to be timeless, setting any dance floor off when given the opportunity.  Swamp 81 does it again!




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