I Found You by Änimal

I have fallen hard for the first listen brilliance of the Netherlands’ Änimal. The duo’s debut EP, But First of All dropped yesterday, and 16 minutes of stunning frequencies, cut like glass samples and swelling bass never sounded so pretty. From the opening track, Änimal makes heavy use of piano keys against a backdrop of hushed distortion, and dramatic beat drops like a ventilator in a hospital, creating an overwhelming mood to their music, this anxious content.

The first single to drop off this EP, ‘Serenity’ is a clear stand out, but by no means out-shined by the other three atmospheric tracks, all with an underlying spaceship fuzz feel to them. Listening to the fifteen and a half minute EP, you manage to still get caught up in the moment, like you’re in a bubble watching time float by around you. Finally when the vocals come in over that space age, video game samples on “March” that’s when the real separation between 17 year olds fucking around on Abelton and artists looking to make their mark becomes clear. This EP is a lovely and brooding, introspective take on down tempo electronic that you’re going to want to bask in. Really fantastic work.

Änimal’s But First of All EPis out now via Vresh, get it HERE.

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