“Make My Whole Word” has the wobble bassline and crushing bass designed to keep dance floors moving but the intelligence behind the vocal sample and the chord progression in the song is what marks Trolly Snatcha as a cut above the wave of poorly produced copy-cat dubstep tunes.

This intelligent side is abandoned for a moment with “Nasty Shit” which is one of those tunes that falls between the cracks, not filthy enough to really gain much play with the fans of pure filth but having too many elements of the BroStep fraternity to earn credence from the deeper side of dubstep. This tune will work well as part of a Trolly Snatcha live show or used as part of a productions only set but I cant see it gaining much independent support.

“When I feel like giving up” is a much bigger and better tune, perhaps the best of bunch on the EP. A gospel vocal sample sits on top a wall of sound constructed from the now standard kick-snare drum pattern and Trolly Snatcha’s trademark rolling bass lines. This song is great fun and gets a great response when we play it.

“Flying Missiles” is a powerful piece of music. Using a fantastic vocal from Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, its rising synths interrupted by the miniature speech before a massive break as tribal drums accompany yet more vocals from War of the Worlds leading to another powerful crescendo of beats and synths. For a song thats so empty for most of its 4 minutes it really does pack a powerful punch.

“The Jungle” is the final track of the EP and a bit of a departure for Trolly Snatcha. The tune starts with a straight  4×4 techno beat. This is bass music as it has developed. All the same dubstep production techniques are used, massive sub-bass punctuates the tune but its all played out at 128 bpm with contant kicks. Its very similar to some of the tunes that “Knife Party” have been putting out and its interesting to see such a prominent Dub Police artist move in this direction. This kind of progression will surely put pay to some of the talk that the label is only interested in commercial music.


Overall this release feels adequate but never really reaches the heights that other Trolly Snatcha releases have however I look forward to more exploring of the bass music productions.

With rumours of a full length album in the pipe line for later this year we just may get what we want sooner rather than later.





Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World by Dub Police

Trolley Snatcha – Nasty Shit by Dub Police

Trolley Snatcha – Giving Up by Dub Police

Trolley Snatcha – Flying Missiles by Dub Police

Trolley Snatcha – The Jungle by Dub Police


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